Cal-Sib Iris

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Cal-Sib iris are the result of a cross between two iris species, Pacific Coast (Californicae) and Sino-Siberian.  The Pacific Coast iris grows within a very limited range in the northwestern U.S. (west of the Cascade Mountains).  Crosses with Sino-Siberian iris were made to capture the beauty of the PCI flower on a plant that can grow in a broader range.

Cal-Sib iris are generally shorter than garden Siberian iris, but taller than PCIs.  The foliage is semi-evergreen, and flowers are 2-3” in diameter.  They grow best when planted in rich, well-drained soil under sun or part shade.  Since they’re a species cross, these plants are sterile (although you never know what Nature will do…).

Lankow Red Cal Sib 150w

We are currently propagating this nearly-red Cal-Sib (seedling #04CS-013) for sale in the future.  This beautiful iris was hybridized by Carla Lankow, using a red Sino-Siberian seedling and the Pacific Coast iris Escalona.