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"Amongst the many thousands of summer Iris cultivars, it's usually the flamboyant bearded irises that get most of the attention. But the recent RHS trial of Spuria irises again proved what valuable perennials they are. Spuria irises are tall, up to around 1.5m/5ft, and while the flowers lack the rainbow colours and patterns of the Tall Bearded Irises their colours can be intensely penetrating in colour. They also have a more imposing habit than bearded irises, their slender deep green foliage setting off the flowers well." -- Graham Rice, The Transatlantic Gardener

Spuria Irises are probably the most under-appreciated Iris in the genus. With a minimum of care and at least 6 hours of good sunshine, these beauties could be the garden star you have been looking for.

With sizes ranging from 12 inches (Iris sintenisii) to nearly 6 feet tall (White Heron), there is a Spuria Iris for any sunny opening in your garden. They also come in a wide range of colors including yellow, blue brown and reddish. The smaller species make nice compact clumps that bloom profusely. The taller hybrids tend to meander, so give them plenty of room.

The upright foliage adds a strong vertical element in late spring and summer.  Not sure where to start? Take advantage of Spuria Iris' low summer water requirements. Try a tall dark gold or blue Spuria with Euphorbia and Nepeta for a drought-tolerant combination. No staking required.

Unlike most other irises, Spuria Iris make excellent cut flowers, cut just before the bud unfolds. Each bud on the stem will open in succession. The flower stalk is long lasting once cut, remaining attractive up to 2 weeks in a vase.


Patrick’s personal favorite is Salmon Sunset hybridized by his good friend Lee Walker from Southern Oregon.

SPUR Salmon Sunset thumb


Margaret likes Premier.  Bright and beautiful in both garden and bouquet.

SPUR Premier thumb


 Terri just cant make up her mind. From the warm moody hues of Imperial Bronze to the delicate tones of Speeding Star, there are so many wonderful choices.

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SPUR Speeding Star thumb