Gallery: Versicolor 2011
More Raspberries Please  $20.00
More Raspberries Please $20.00

More Raspberries Please


Mysterious Monique $8.00
Mysterious Monique $8.00

Mysterious Monique



Native Blue Flag iris is easy to grow and forms dense clumps with many flowers. Bold foliage emerges in spring and remains clean through the summer. Flowers range in color from pink to lavender to blue-purple and blossom in late spring to early summer. Happy growing in bog gardens or at the edge of a pond, it also performs well in average garden soils. Give supplemental water in dry summer climates to extend bloom season and keep foliage looking it's best. Excellent in naturalistic gardens. A favorite iris of hummingbirds.


Versicolor 'More Rasberries Please'