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Border Bearded (BB)

16” – 27” tall

Border Bearded irises (BB) are similar in height to the IB, but with larger flowers. BBs will typically also have a thicker stalk to support the larger flowers. These tend to bloom at the same time as, or just before the TBs.

BB Autumn Ivory

(G. Spoon, 2001) (26") Nicely ruffled ivory white.

BB Banana Royale

(Aitken, 2009) (24") Yellow with a large white zone on the falls.

BB Banded Rose

(Aitken, 2011) (24") Rose standards. Creamy peach falls with a matching rose band.

BB Courtesan

(M. Smith, 2010) (26") A classy peachy pink iris that has a great fragrance.

BB Cranapple

(Aitken, 1995) (24") One of Patrick's favorite bearded irises. Dark red and vigorous in growth and bloom.

BB Devil's Waltz

(S. Markham, 2010) (27") The best description I can give is smoky blue plum. A moody iris where the bright yellow beards really draw you in.

BB Eiderdown

(M. Smith, 2009) (26")White with subtle yellow hints. Striking!

BB Mango Smoothy

(Carol Lankow, 2000) (25") Mango peach (not quite orange). A really bright iris perfect for that spot in your garden that needs a bit of color!

BB Peach Ice Cream

(Carol Lankow, 1993) (26") Pale peach falls with white standards.

Carol named this iris for her husband, George. Peach Ice Cream was his favorite treat. This is another iris that will always be in my garden.

BB What's New Pussycat

(Black, 2011) (26") Peach standards. Apricot falls. Immaculate form. Everyone should grow this iris!

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‘I’ve have ordered a large number of iris over the past couple years from Cascadia. Patrick and Margaret have been stellar to work with. I’m very picky and they have been able to accommodate my requests and also keep me very well educated on iris culture. All of their iris I ordered were healthy and strong—every one came back the next year. The pictures of their iris are very accurate as well—no weird color treating. I will continue to work with CIG in the future! Thank you Patrick and Margaret!’

Jeremy M. Overland Park, KS

"I have purchased Japanese Iris from Cascadia Iris Gardens for the past 3 years. I have always received very healthy iris, whether I purchased them spring or fall. I have never been disappointed. That is why I always come back. I am looking forward to seeing their 2018 selection."

Linda M. Monroe, CT

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