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Tall Bearded (TB)

Over 27” tall

From Grandma's old iris to the newest hybrids, Tall Bearded irises (TB) bloom season will be the highlight of your perennial bed. TBs offer a variety of color and pattern that will work with any garden theme.  Many are fragrant as an added bonus.

TB Absolute Zero

(Black, 2011)(40")  Standards pale lavender. Falls ice white. Classy!

TB Afterlife

(M.Smith, 2010) (37") White standards over medium violet falls with a striking orange beard.Fragrant!

TB Again And Again

(Innerest, 1999) (36") Subtle yellow. Our most consistent rebloomer. Very fragrant.

TB Augustine

(Schick, 2004) (36") Salmon pink. Good rebloom in our garden.

TB Battlestar Atlantis

(Aitken, 2008) (42") Bright white with horns, spoons and/or flounces depending on its mood. Fun and fragrant.

Margaret really loves this iris. She would likely divorce me if I even contemplated replacing it in the garden. Not that I ever would. Honest...

TB Between Dreams

(Kerr, 2008) (34") Standards purple/black. Falls darker black. Excellent iris.

TB Blue My Mind

(Schreiner, 2014) (35") Blue, lighter at the edges. Our last TB to bloom so extends the bloom season.

TB Bon Appetit

(Aitken, 2006) (44") Pink standards with lavender falls. Beautifully ruffled.

TB Brilliant Idea

(Keppel, 2008) (36") White with a blue edge around the falls. Very showy.

TB Celestial Explosion

(Tasco, 2003) (35") Violet standards. White falls heavily peppered violet. Unique!

TB Cool Change

(Schreiner, 2014) (48") The lightest of violet with a purple blush on the falls.

TB Cornhusker

(Stanek, 2000) (37") Bright yellow. An excellent rebloomer.

TB Damsel In A Dress

(Schreiner, 2014) (36") Pink standards over violet falls with a tangerine beard.

TB Dance Til Dawn

(Johnson, 2011) (36") Golden yellow with a small white patch at the end of the tangerine beard.

TB Daring Deception

(Johnson, 2012) (35") White standards. Purple falls with a matching white band. One of Patrick's favorites.

TB Duncan's Smiling Eyes

(Lauer, 2003) (34") Too many shades of blue to mention. An excellent iris that is a vigorous grower.

TB Gentle Reminder

(Keppel, 2013) (42") Yellow standards with lavender falls. Pastel perfection!

TB Gracious Me

(Aitken, 2015) (46") Medium blue. Very heavy bloomer. This one will not disappoint!

TB Gypsy Lord

(Keppel, 2005) (40") White standards over blue violet falls with a large white zonal spot. Dykes Medal winner!

This is probably my favorite Tall Bearded iris. It has immaculate form, perfect ruffling and the colors are crisp, clean and really draw you in.

TB House Arrest

(Keppel, 2013) (38") Standards are rusty brown. Falls are a light lavender with a narrow brown rim. Very interesting!

TB Island Pearl

(Aitken, 2008) (40") Red purple standards. Ocean blue falls with a matching red purple rim. Gently ruffled.

Thsi is one of my best selling irises when people come into my garden and see it in bloom. A picture just cannot pick up the subtle beauty of this iris.

TB Lieutentant Star Walker

(Walker, 2013) (40") Kind of a buff gold with a blue violet wash. Hard to describe but an excellent iris!

TB Marrying Kind

(Keppel, 2014) (35") Peach pink standards over dark lavender falls

TB Money In Your Pocket

(Black, 2007) (44") Medium blue with a contrasting white border. Gorgeous!

TB Peggy Sue

(Lauer, 2006) (34") Medium pink. A great rebloomer.

TB Purdue Pete

(Miller, 2010) (36") Yellow standards and dark red falls. A first-rate iris!

TB Redneck Girl

(Schreiner, 2014) (36") Red purple with a purple beard. Makes a real statement!

TB Rosalie Figge

(McKnew, 1991) (19") Everyone needs a purple iris! This one is a good rebloomer and fragrant too.

TB Rum And Coke

(Painter, 2010) (36") Cream standards with a brown edge. Fals are blackish, burgandy plum. Very fragrant!


(Keppel, 2011) (36") White standards over cornflower blue falls. Really nice!

TB Sea Of Love

(Lauer, 2005) (33") Pale blue perfection! Best blooming iris we grow.

TB Second Show

TB (Byers, 1986) (33") Lightly ruffled creamy yellow. Good rebloom!

TB Snapshot

(Johnson, 2007) (32") Bright yellow standards. Mahogany red falls with a bold yellow zonal spot. Wister Medal winner!

TB Snow Lion

(M.Smith, 2005) (36") Ruffled cream with orange  shoulders. Very fragrant!

Another of Margaret's favorites. I seem to remember spending a ridiculous amount of money on it at an auction so she would be happy.

TB Team Player

(Johnson, 2012) (36") Gold standards over purple falls with a narrow buff gold haft.

TB Teenybopper

(Keppel, 2008) (30") Creamy pink standards over dark red violet falls with a matching rim. Just wow!

TB Waimea Canyon Sunrise

(Larry Johnson, 2004) (36") Gold standards. Lavender falls rimmed tan.

TB Walsterway

(Walster, 1990) (40") Warm rosy amber with a violet flush. 

Named for Walsterway Iris Gardens, run by Ralph and Fran Walster. They were very instrumental in getting me involved with irises. This iris will always be in my garden!

TB Watercolor Print

(Johnson, 2015) (33") White with a violet watermark band and a bright tangerine beard. Fragrant too! I really like this one.

TB Waterline

(Keppel, 2011) (37") Pale blue standards over white falls with a matching blue rim. The orange beards really stand out!

TB Whispering Lilacs

(Walker, 2009) (43") Lilac self and very fragrant!

This is subtly one of the best irises we grow. It is a vigorous grower. Large flowers with stalks strong enough to hold them up. Exceptional spicey fragrance that even the most "nose dead" people can smell. We grow a lot of irises from Lee and this is certainly my favorite bearded iris from him.

TB Zebra Night

(Kasperek, 1998) (35") Dark violet with irregularly variegated foliage and stems.

Variegated bearded irises tend not to increase quickly. Because of that we are not able to offer this iris every year. Order early because I am certain this will sell out.
Ooops... Too late. Check back next spring!

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‘I’ve have ordered a large number of iris over the past couple years from Cascadia. Patrick and Margaret have been stellar to work with. I’m very picky and they have been able to accommodate my requests and also keep me very well educated on iris culture. All of their iris I ordered were healthy and strong—every one came back the next year. The pictures of their iris are very accurate as well—no weird color treating. I will continue to work with CIG in the future! Thank you Patrick and Margaret!’

Jeremy M. Overland Park, KS

"I have purchased Japanese Iris from Cascadia Iris Gardens for the past 3 years. I have always received very healthy iris, whether I purchased them spring or fall. I have never been disappointed. That is why I always come back. I am looking forward to seeing their 2018 selection."

Linda M. Monroe, CT

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