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Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB)

8” – 16” tall

Standard Dwarf Bearded irises (SDB) bloom shortly after the MDBs. These small irises have color patterns that will take your breath away. They are easy to grow and bloom prolifically. They are best when interspersed throughout your perennial bed.

SDB Autumn Surge

(Aitken, 2005) (12") White with a blue beard. Excellent rebloom!

SDB Basket Of Goodies

(Black, 2015) (14") A caramel, copper and gold blend that truly looks too good to eat!

SDB Beckoning

(Johnson, 2013) (15") Purple standards and near black falls. The yellow beard really draws you in.

SDB Beyond The Sky

(Black, 2013) (13") Lavender with a wine fall spot. Subtly beautiful.

SDB Bluebeard's Ghost

(Black, 2006) (14") All white with a striking blue beard. Our most aptly named iris!

SDB Cat's Eye

(Black, 2002) (15") Rose with a large, dark red fall spot. Vigorous.

SDB Celebrate

(Black, 2007) (15") Orchid lavender with purple highlights. Fragrant!

SDB Chocolate Treat

(Aitken, 2014) (10") Brown with a chocolatey fall spot. Delicious!

SDB Cool Dude

(Black, 2017) (12") White ground with a heavy purple edge and freckles. A really great iris!

SDB Copper Bracelet

(Jensen, 2010) (13") Old gold with a copper fall spot. One of our favorites.

SDB Dark Matter

(Keppel, 2011) (11") Velvety purple black. Awesome!

SDB Evidence

(Ritchie, 2018) (12") Cream ground with muted purple fall spot. Excellent grower and can rebloom for us.

SDB Fairy Fireworks

(Aitken, 2014) (12") White stitched purple. Excellent rebloom. In fact, it doesn't really stop blooming for 2 month or longer. We call it a "continuous bloomer".

SDB Fairy Legion

(Black, 2015) (13") White with a narrow purple rim, but only half way down the falls. Very nice!

SDB Fairy Ring

(Meek, 1998) (11") White with a purple rim. Closeout sale. Get it while you can!

SDB Jeweler's Art

(Lankow, 1993) (12") Amethyst standards and brick red falls.

You may find mention to George Lankow in other places on my website. This iris was hybridized by his first wife, Carol Lankow. Carol died before I met George, but through him I came to know her a bit. This was one of many medal winning irises Carol hybridized. In my opinion, her very best!

SDB Maui Sunrise

(Aitken, 2008) (12") Yellow with a prominent orange fall spot. Vigorous.

SDB Neutron

(Johnson, 2000) (12") Mid-violet perfection! The light violet beards really stand out.

SDB Perpetual Indulgence

(Aitken, 2005) (16") Cream standards and orange falls. Great rebloomer!

Sorry! Check back early next spring as this one is a hot seller.

SDB Pulsator

(Johnson, 2011) (13") Purple standards over dark purple falls. The bright yellow beard has a white tip that seems to drag you into the center of the flower.

SDB Pussycat Pink

(Black, 2006) (12") To call this Hot Pink is an understatement. A must have!

SDB Snow Tree

(Sobek, 1990) (11") A classic. White with olive veining. Great grower.

SDB Tasty
SDB Tasty

(Black, 2015) (14") Differing shades of yellow and peach. Yumm…

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‘I’ve have ordered a large number of iris over the past couple years from Cascadia. Patrick and Margaret have been stellar to work with. I’m very picky and they have been able to accommodate my requests and also keep me very well educated on iris culture. All of their iris I ordered were healthy and strong—every one came back the next year. The pictures of their iris are very accurate as well—no weird color treating. I will continue to work with CIG in the future! Thank you Patrick and Margaret!’

Jeremy M. Overland Park, KS

"I have purchased Japanese Iris from Cascadia Iris Gardens for the past 3 years. I have always received very healthy iris, whether I purchased them spring or fall. I have never been disappointed. That is why I always come back. I am looking forward to seeing their 2018 selection."

Linda M. Monroe, CT

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