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Siberian Iris (SIB)

The Siberian Iris is a perfect plant for a mixed border...

or for endless perennial combinations. They are low-maintenance and have beautiful foliage. Siberian Irises grow from 10" up to 48" tall.

Cascadia Iris Gardens boasts a fine collection of newer hybrids mixed with some of our favorite oldies. All were chosen for their beauty, variety, and ease of growth. 

Siberian Irises readily adapt to most climates and soil types. Please see the Growing Instructions for more information.

SIB A Capella

(Dunlop, 2012) (Tet, 26") Rose red with blue highlights.

SIB Another Pretty Face

(Dunlop, 2009) (Tet, 28") Two tone blue violet. Really great form!

SIB Blueberry Brandy

(Bauer/Coble, 2010)  (30") Velvety, dark blue violet bitone.

Margaret and I both love this iris. We used it as both a mother and father in our hybridizing last year and could not be more excited about the possibilities! Take a peek at Swans In Flight and Carnivalito to see who the other parents were.

SIB Blueberry Fair

(Hollingworth, 1996) (Tet, 32") Medium blue with a white signal. Great iris! Morgan-Wood medal winner!

SIB Blushing Sapphira

(Wendel, 2009) (25") Medium blue with a rosy fall spot surrounding a small white signal.

SIB Caesar's Ghost

(Witt, 1972) (40") An old one from Jean Witt. Soft blue white coloring. Subtly gorgeous.

SIB Carnivalito

(Shafer/Sacks, 2015)  (28") Creamy yellow falls washed and veined violet.

Yikes! This iris really draws attention. It has a flower unlike any other we grow and it is a vigorous grower. Marty and Jan really outdid themselves with this one.

SIB Charming Billy

(Shafer/Sacks, 2004) (25") Red violet standards with darker falls.

SIB Cinnamon Sugar

(Shafer/Sacks, 2010) (24") The palest red violet standards over chocolate pink falls with a gold signal. Not too shabby!

SIB Color Flash

(Hollingworth, 2012) (30") Medim blue lavender with a prominent dusky rose center stripe and veining. Very unique!

SIB Crimson Cloisonne

(Aitken, 2005) (40") Tall with a large flower. Red violet with a fine white rim.

SIB Crimson Fireworks

(Dunlop, 2014) (Tet, 34") Red violet with a blue halo around a prominent white signal.

SIB Dear Currier

(Dunlop, 2005) (Tet, 30") Light blue standards over medium blue falls.

SIB Double Play

(Hollingworth, 2010) (28")  Multipetal - a glorious mass of creamy white petals with bright yellow signals.

SIB Dreaming Green

(McEwen, 1981) (Tet,  28") White with green veins and signal. Buds and reverse of falls also show green.

SIB Emily Anne

(Hollingworth, 1999) (Tet, 33")  Medium blue standards. Creamy falls heavily stippled blue toward the edges. An excellent rebloomer here.

SIB Encore Performance

(Hollingworth, 2010) (37") Red violet with a diffused blue blaze. Excellent rebloomer for us.

SIB Fiona
SIB Fiona

(Shafer/Sacks, 2010) (23") Orchid pink standards and style arms. Darker falls.

SIB Fisherman's Morning

(Copeland, 1994) (31")Rosy red violet with a blue halo and light violet styles.

SIB Foretell

(McGarvey, 1970) (32") A unique 28X40 siberian hybrid. Standards are blue fading to yellow. Falls are yellow fading to blue. Awesome!

SIB Fresh Notes

(Shafer/Sacks, 2004) (25") Our favorite blue siberian. Excellent color and form.

SIB Gone Plummin'

(Shafer/Sacks, 2011) (33") Amethyst purple. Lighter at the edges. A fun colored iris that reblooms for us!

SIB Gull's Wing

(McGarvey, 1989) (36") A good white iris

SIB Hail To The Chief

(Hollingworth, 2012) (Tet, 33") Red violet with a large white signal.

SIB Hot Sketch

(Shafer/Sacks, 2009) (24") Standards are pale lavender. Falls are brick red with a gold signal. Stunning!

SIB How Audacious

(Hollingworth, 2012) (Tet, 34") Blue violet fading to red violet. White wire rim and dashes on the falls.

SIB Joyce Cole

(Cole, 2008) (Tet, 30") Creamy white with subtle green veins.The best foliage in the Siberian world. Love it!

SIB Kilauea

(M. Smith, 2007) (23") Dark burgundy with a blue halo and veins.

SIB Kiss the Girl

(Shafer/Sacks, 2004) (27") Two tone yellow. Great iris!

SIB Laugh Out Loud

(Hollingworth, 2006) (28") Yellow bi-tone with an excellent bud count guaranteeing a long bloom season.

SIB Lucy Locket

(Shafer/Sacks, 2009) (26") Yellow bitone. Small but bright flower!

SIB Magnetism

(Shafer/Sacks, 2006) (25") Blue with excellent form on a fairly short stalk.

Funny story... I got this iris as a door prize when I was at a Greater Portland Iris Society event, I remember thinking "why do I need anther blue Siberian iris." But, like a good iris judge would do, I planted it and waited for it to bloom. The moment it did bloom, I said out loud "THAT is why I need another blue Siberian!" Such good form and, as a bonus, a fairly short iris. This would make a great front-to-middle of the perennial bed plant.

SIB Magnum Bordeaux

(Bauer/Coble, 2000) (32") Dark burgundy with a blue halo and veins. Reblooms for us!

SIB Miss Apple

(Shafer/Sacks, 2009) (30") Standards are medium red. Falls are a dark red with a bright gold signal. Our best "Red" iris.

SIB My First Kiss

(Cole, 2005) (Tet, 34") This iris truly has it all. Stunning red violet with a blue blaze. Excellent foliage. A good bud count. It even reblooms occassionally for us! This should be in every garden.

SIB Neptune's Gold

(Hollingworth, 2014) (Tet, 33") Large flowered, two-toned blue with a gold underlay and signal. A really excellent new tetraploid from Bob Hollingworth!

SIB Paprikash

(Shafer/Sacks, 2012) (20") We cannot grow this one fast enough! Paprika red with lighter standards. Order early.

I am so enamored with this iris that I pollinated a bunch of it's flowers last year. Unfortunately, only two pods set seed. I had promised to take seed on my trip to New Zealand, so all of it went down under. I will have to go back to NZ in a few years to see the children! Or, I suppose, I could make the crosses again. I suppose...

SIB Peter Hewitt

(Hewitt, 2009) (Tet, 37") Dark blue with a fine gold edge. British Dykes Medal winner!

SIB Petite Purple

(Hollingworth, 2012) (25") Small dark purple flower on a short stalk. A lot of power for a small iris!

SIB Pomegranate Punch

(Shafer/Sacks, 2010) (23") I am almost afraid to list this one. It sells out FAST! Light red violet standards. Yellowed, red purple falls.  Awesome is an understatement!

SIB Roaring Jelly

(Shafer/Sacks, 1992) (36") Lavender standards over red violet falls with a blue blaze. Except that this description really does not describe it. Gorgeous is more acurate. Morgan-Wood Medal winner!

SIB Ruffles And Flourishes

(Hollingworth, 2002) (Tet, 33") Red violet with a blue violet wash. Morgan-Wood Medal winner!

SIB Shaker's Prayer

(Warner, 1990) (36") Small flower on a tall stalk. White with heavy blue veining. Very fine foliage, A great garden plant. Morgan-Wood Medal winner!

SIB Stephen Wilcox

(Hewitt, 2009) (Tet, 27")  Red violet with a blue halo. British Dykes Medal winner!

SIB Strawberry Fair

(Hollingworth, 1994) (Tet, 29") Red violet with a prominent white signal. One of the best!  Morgan-Wood Medal winner!

SIB Summer Revels

(Shafer/Sacks, 1999) (28") Bright yellow with subtle green veins. Reblooms for us!

SIB Summer Sky

(Cleveland, 1935) (About 40" in our garden) Small flowered and species (I. siberica) form. Palest of blue. Love it!

SIB Swans In Flight

(Hollingworth, 2006) (33") Very large all white flowers. Makes a spectacular clump. The first beardless iris to win the US Dykes Medal!

SIB Tranquility Base

(Dunlop, 2006) (Tet, 32") Blue violet standards over red violet falls veined darker.

SIB Trip To Paris

(Shafer/Sacks, 2009) (37") The largest of our yellow Siberians. Patrick's favorite yellow.

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‘I’ve have ordered a large number of iris over the past couple years from Cascadia. Patrick and Margaret have been stellar to work with. I’m very picky and they have been able to accommodate my requests and also keep me very well educated on iris culture. All of their iris I ordered were healthy and strong—every one came back the next year. The pictures of their iris are very accurate as well—no weird color treating. I will continue to work with CIG in the future! Thank you Patrick and Margaret!’

Jeremy M. Overland Park, KS

"I have purchased Japanese Iris from Cascadia Iris Gardens for the past 3 years. I have always received very healthy iris, whether I purchased them spring or fall. I have never been disappointed. That is why I always come back. I am looking forward to seeing their 2018 selection."

Linda M. Monroe, CT

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