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Sino-Siberian Iris (Sino-Sib)

Sino-Siberian is not a botanically correct term...

but my mentors used it and so will I. These are the 40 chromosome counterpart to the typical Siberian Iris. In botanical terms, Sino literally means from China.

Sino-Siberian irises are somewhat more demanding than your typical Siberian iris. They are less tolerant of poor soils, drought, and cold weather. With rich, acidic soil, plenty of water, and sun, you could be the first in your neighborhood to grow these rare irises.

Please see our Growing Instructions to make sure these unique and beautiful irises are the correct fit for your garden. Unfortunately, I am only able to guarantee these grow well for me. I am unable to guarantee they will do well for you.

I. bulleyana

(18") 40 chromosome Sino-Siberian species from western China. Dark blue purple. The signal is white with almost black dots and lines.

I. delavayi

This wonderful 40 chromosome Siberian iris from the Himalayan Mountains of China is medium blue with an irregular white signal. 

Please see our Growing Instruction for Sino-Siberian irises to see if this iris is a good fit for your garden.

I. forrestii

(16"+) 40 chromosome Sino-Siberian species from the Yunnan province of China. Bright yellow with a darker signal and brown freckles.

I. wilsonii

(24") 40 chromosome Sino-Siberian species from western China. Nice lemon yellow with a darker signal and purple brown spots.

Sino-Sib Berliner Riesen

(Tamberg, 1980)   55"

Very tall and vigorous! Dark violet with a small, white butterfly signal. I. delavayi X I. clarkei

If you are thinking of testing a Sino-Sib in your garden, this is the one for you. Berliner Riesen is the strongest growing iris in our garden.

Sino-Sib Black Garnet

(Reid, 1996)   54" (though does not grow this tall for me)

Dark maroon with a near black fall spot. Gorgeous!

Sino-Sib Dotted Line

(Reid, 1992) (30") White ground heavily dotted and lined blue. Large white butterfly signal. Founders of SIGNA Medal winner!

If I could only grow one iris, this would be it. If you live in an area where Sino-Siberian iris can grow, you need to grow this one!

Sino-Sib McKenzie Bruiser

(Reid, 2001)   36"

Bright medium blue with a near black signal. 2-3 branches with ample bud count for a long bloom season. Stunning!

Sino-Sib Miss Margaret

(Carla Lankow, 2018)   36"

Cream ground heavily flushed and veined magenta. Almost black center stripe extending over and outward from a bright gold signal. Absolutely stunning!

Carla and I selected this seedling from a large patch of Carla's seedlings. George came up with the name, declaring that Margaret needed an iris as beautiful as she named after her. George always was a flirt!


Sino-Sib Raven's Claw

(Spence, 2021)   24" from Carla Lankow seed

Raven's Claw is named for its jet black style arms, which are sometimes called claws. It is a bold combination of red violet with raven black fall spots and claws. Though fairly short as Sino-Sibs go, it makes up for it with bloom season. Raven's Claw is what we call a continuous bloomer. Its normal flush of bloom in June lasts 2-3 weeks, but it continues to push bloom stalks for another 2-3 weeks. Each stalk has 1 branch and 3 buds so it is never overcrowded.

Sino-Sib Dumped Pot

(Spence, 2021) From Carla Lankow seed   47"

Velvety purple red with a darker fall spot, veins and belly stripe. Very tall with up to 3 branches and 7 buds for a very long bloom season. Better yet, it is fragrant which is very unsual for beardless irises.

The parentage is unknown because we lost the cross tag when Carla accidentally knocked over the seed pot. I am not sure why, but Carla began calling this iris "Dumped Pot" the moment we saw it bloom for the first time. 

Please see our Sino-Siberian Growing Instructions to be certain this iris is a good fit for your garden.


Not yet classified. Collected in China by Arlen Hill of Keeping It Green Nursery.

I put this in the Sibiricae group and am confident that is where it belongs. More, it has the flower and foliage of a 40 chromosome Sino-Siberian, though it is shorter and the foliage is much finer than any of the other "40s" I grow. This beauty blooms about 16" high and has a dark purple flower. 2022 will see its genetics mixed in with my breeding program as the size of the plant is more adaptable to the small plot gardener.

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