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Spuria Iris (SPUR)

Spuria Irises are probably the most under-appreciated Iris in the genus.

With a minimum of care and at least 6 hours of good sunshine, these beauties could be the garden star you have been looking for.

With sizes ranging from under 12 inches (I. sintenisii) to nearly 6 feet tall (Shelford Giant), there is a Spuria Iris for any sunny opening in your garden. They also come in a wide range of colors including yellow, blue, brown, and red-ish. The smaller species make nice compact clumps that bloom profusely. The taller hybrids tend to meander, so give them plenty of room.

Spuria Iris make excellent cut flowers.

Cut just before the first bud unfolds. Each bud on the stem will open in succession. The flower stalk is long-lasting once cut, remaining attractive up to 2 weeks in a vase. Spuria iris are also hummingbird and butterfly attractors. Please see the Growing Instructions for more information.

Spurias resent being tansplanted anytime other than fall. If you add Sputia Iris to your order, please note that we will ship the entire order in September.

SPUR Ada Perry

(McCown, 1976) (48") Dark red violet with a gold signal. A real eye catcher!

SPUR Air Affair

(Cadd, 2008) (40") Deep violet standards over lighter violet falls.

SPUR Alphaspu

(Jenkins, 1992) (34") I know… a strange name. But a beautiful bright yellow and always the first to bloom!

SPUR Always A Mystery

(Cadd, 2002) (43") Smokey lavender with a subtle gold signal.

SPUR Bali Bali

(Jenkins, 1989) (39") Ivory with a huge gold fall spot.

SPUR Barbara's Kiss

(McCown, 1982) (54") Brownish purple standards flushed yellow. Falls are yellow with a brownish purple edge.

SPUR Betty Cooper

(McCown, 1982) (48") Pale violet with a huge gold fall spot. Eric Nies Award winner!

SPUR Blue Fusion

(Walker, 2015) (41") Blue standards over yellow falls with a violet rim.

SPUR Blue Spiderweb

(Ferguson, 1966) (40") Medium blue standards. Light blue falls veined darker.

SPUR Boldly Elegant

(Cadd, 2003) (43") Light blue with a diffused yellow blaze.

SPUR Breezy Day

(Cadd,2004) (41") Dusky lavender with a prominent gold signal.

SPUR California Goldrush

(Cadd, 2005) (40") Very large flowered, deep gold self.

SPUR Cast Of Green

(Aitken, 2010) (56") Walnut brown with a gold signal. An eerie iridescent green appears on the flower on day 2 or 3. Very unusual!

SPUR Centering Point

(Ghio, 1989) (42") Muted purple over a gold signal.

SPUR Cinnabar Red

(Niswonger, 1980) (40") Deep mahogany red with a bright gold signal.

SPUR Countess Zeppelin

(B.Hager, 1987) (38") Wine red over a small gold signal. Eric Nies Medal winner!

SPUR Destination

(B.Hager, 1989) (40") Still the best bright gold Spuria on the market. Eric Nies Award winner!

SPUR Doris Irene

(Jenkins, 2003) (33") Blue violet with a small gold signal.

SPUR Early Morning Thunder

(Walker, 2007) (38") Dark violet standards. Falls have a large yellow spot with violet veins and edge. Very nice!

SPUR Eleanor Hill

(Hagar, 1980) (38") Purple standards over a yellow falls with purple veins.

SPUR Georgian Delicacy

(Shafer/Sacks, 1998) (30") A named form of I. cathaliniae. Pale blue.

SPUR Golden Ducat

(Cadd, 2004) (40") Extra large deep gold flowers.

SPUR Hawthorne Bridge

(Price, 2015) (45") Red brown standards over bright yellow falls precicely rimmed red brown. We really like this iris!

SPUR Hickory Leaves

(Niswonger, 1998) (42") Yellow gold with a slightly darker signal.

SPUR Highline Amethyst

McCown, 1973) (42") Red violet with a bright gold signal.

SPUR Highline Coral

(McCown, 1986) (48") Lightly ruffled lavender pink with a soft gold signal. Eric Nies Award winner!

SPUR Highline Halo

(McCown, 1982) (40") Butter yellow standards over bright yellow falls with a thin lighter rim.

SPUR Highline Lavender

(McCown, 1968) (48") Light lavender over a bright yellow fall spot. Eric Nies Award winner!

SPUR Honey Mocha Lotta

(Walker, 2006)(48") A rich, mocha brown with a yellow signal and highlights.

SPUR Imperial Bronze

(McCown, 1971) (40") Bright yellow heavily veined brown gives it a bronze appearance.


(McCown, 1966) (60") Light violet with darker standards and veins.

SPUR Kaibab Trail

(Wickenkamp, 1985) (37") Dark red with a distinct yellow signal.

SPUR Kiss of Caramel

(Cadd, 2002) (44") Old gold with deep brown veins. Tasty!

SPUR Lemon Suntea

(Cadd, 2004) (38") Bright lemon yellow.

SPUR Lemon Tower

(Walker, 2008) (42") Lightly ruffled soft yellow.

SPUR Lighted Signal

(Jenkins, 1991) (40") Deep purple with a small yellow signal.

SPUR Lilting Lavender

(Aitken, 2009) (56") Smokey lavender over a diffused yellow signal.

SPUR Line Dancing

(Jenkins, 2007)  (40") Bright purple with white rays extending out from the small yellow signal. Eric Nies Medal winner!

SPUR Mahogany Lord

(Blyth, 1993) (44") Chocolate brown with the smallest of signals.

SPUR Marilyn Holloway

(Hagar, 1970) (38") Pale lavender with a huge yellow fall spot.

SPUR Missouri Autumn

(Niswonger, 1997) (40") Light brown self. Our best grower and bloomer. Well worth a spot in the garden!

SPUR Missouri Clouds

(Niswonger, 1996) (42") White with a yellow blush.

SPUR Missouri Iron Ore

(Niswonger, 1997) (42") Red purple standards. Red brown falls with a gold signal. Eric Nies Medal winner!

SPUR Moonlight Shy

(Cadd, 2002) (38") White with a subtle yellow fall spot.

SPUR Oregon Cream

(Walker, 2007) (45") Dark yellow with a creamy rim and standards. Lightly ruffled and exceptional!

SPUR Premier

(Barr, 1899) One of the oldest irises we grow. Blue standards over white falls heavily veined blue. Excellent!

SPUR Rays Of Twilight

(Walker, 2011) (43") Dark violet with a yellow signal. Very full formed. Really nice!

SPUR Red War Clouds

(Walker, 2010) (40") We can never grow enough of this one. Order early! Deep maroon red with a tiny yellow signal. Awesome!

SPUR Red Warlord

(Walker, 2016) (40") Yellow standards heavily overlaid dark red. Falls have a gold center with dark red veins and rim.

SPUR Redwood Supreme

(Niswonger, 1997) (40") Gold with a brown rim and standards.

SPUR Ruffled Canary

(McCown, 1970) (36") White standards. Yellow falls with a white border. Neatly ruffled. Very nice!

SPUR Saint Patrick's Gold

(Cadd, 2003) (39") Deep gold self.

SPUR Salmon Sunset

(Walker, 2007) (32") Salmon over a gold signal. Exceptional iris!

SPUR Shelford Giant

Foster, 1913) White with a yellow signal. Can grow up to 6' tall in our garden!

SPUR Solar Fusion

(Walker, 2005) (47") Deep red standards over yellow falls with light red veining. Eric Nies Medal winner!

SPUR Some Say It's Pink

(Walker, 2009) (39") Lavender pink with a yellow signal. Is it pink?

SPUR Sonoran Nightfall

(Wickenkamp, 2003) (38") Lavender blue with a bright yellow signal.

SPUR Soul Therapy

(Cadd, 2004) (40") Deep gold with a creamy edge and standards.

SPUR Speeding Star

(Cadd, 2002) (39") Medium blue standards over stark white falls with delicate blue veins. Patrick's favorite spuria!  Eric Nies Medal winner!

SPUR Steely Eyes

(Walker, 2006) (50") Blue lavender with a gold signal.

SPUR White Heron

(Milikin, 1948) (48") White with a yellow signal. Eric Nies Award winner!

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‘I’ve have ordered a large number of iris over the past couple years from Cascadia. Patrick and Margaret have been stellar to work with. I’m very picky and they have been able to accommodate my requests and also keep me very well educated on iris culture. All of their iris I ordered were healthy and strong—every one came back the next year. The pictures of their iris are very accurate as well—no weird color treating. I will continue to work with CIG in the future! Thank you Patrick and Margaret!’

Jeremy M. Overland Park, KS

"I have purchased Japanese Iris from Cascadia Iris Gardens for the past 3 years. I have always received very healthy iris, whether I purchased them spring or fall. I have never been disappointed. That is why I always come back. I am looking forward to seeing their 2018 selection."

Linda M. Monroe, CT

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