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New Introductions

New for 2022!

We are proud to offer 4 new introductions this year. Two are Japanese Iris hybrids from Patrick's breeding program. One is a Sino-Siberian iris that came from seed given to Patrick by Carla Lankow. The fourth is a wonderful SDB from fellow Washington hybridizer Rod Mendenhall. We have hopes to have MDB and JI introductions from Lee Walker added. Keep checking back!

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JI Nutcracker Suite

(Spence, 2022)   42"   6 falls
Seedling # J13D-5 (Sing The Blues X Bewitching Twilight)

White with butter yellow styles and a diffused yellow signal with fine yellow veins extending 2/3 of the way down the petals. Flat form and neatly ruffled. Imagine the prima ballerina in full pirouette during the Waltz of the Snowflakes!

JI Wiley Creek

(Spence, 2022)   44"   6 falls
Seedling # J0704-B (Frosted Intrigue X Anytus)

Dark blue violet with white rays and a blue flash extending down from the yellow signal. 1-2 branches with up to 7 buds.

Wiley Creek is a tributary of the Santiam River in Oregon's Willamette Valley. The confluence is a popular salmon and steelhead fishing spot and where I caught my first steelhead many years ago. It was 33" long and weighed 13 pounds. Not huge by any standard, but it was an experience I will never forget.  

Sino-Sib Dumped Pot

(Spence, 2022) From Carla Lankow seed   47"

Velvety purple red with a darker fall spot, veins and belly stripe. Very tall with up to 3 branches and 7 buds for a very long bloom season. Better yet, it is fragrant which is very unsual for beardless irises.

The parentage is unknown because we lost the cross tag when Carla accidentally knocked over the seed pot. I am not sure why, but Carla began calling this iris "Dumped Pot" the moment we saw it bloom for the first time. 

Please see our Growing Instructions for Sino-Siberian irises to see if this iris is a good fit for your garden.

SDB Rally Cat

(Mendenhall, 2022)   14"

Mustard yellow with heavy red overlay and veining on the falls.

Named for the infamous feline that snuck onto the field and helped the St. Louis Cardinals win the 2017 World Series!

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