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JI Barbara Said So

JI Barbara Said So

(Spence, 2021) 44", 6 falls.

Finally! Our first introduction. Seedling # JI0704-1 from the first year I tried my luck at hybridizing.

It is difficult to describe, but I will try. White shaded mulberry on the hafts blending to lavender with white rays and a diffused blue halo. It is tall with 2 branches and up to 7 buds held nicely above the foliage. The petals are held flat and neatly ruffled.

At the 2015 Society for Japanese Iris National Convention. I mentioned I was deciding if I was going to keep it or not. My friend Barbara Aitken expressed her concerns about my relative intelligence. As it turned out, it won Best Seedling at the convention and earned its name.


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