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A reblooming iris is one that blooms during it's normal season, then blooms again later in the season.

For our bearded irises that rebloom, they begin their second season in July or August and continue on until first frost. For our beardless irises, they begin just a week or two after the first season is over. Some give one more flush of bloom, some continue on until fall.

Your results may vary. We can only guarantee they rebloom in our garden.
For the best results, you should fertilize each iris in early spring and again directly after the normal bloom season. Please see the Growing Instructions on the Iris 101 page for specific fertilizers. You should also be sure to water regularly. In my climate, Mother Nature takes care of watering until about July 1st. Then I water at least 1" per week until the fall rains come.

(Aitken, 2012) (20") Blue lavender with contrastng veins at the hafts. A solid rebloomer for us.

IB Crimson Jazz

(Walker, 2012) (26") Gold base heavily overlaid dark red. A great rebloomer for us. Hot!

JI Confetti Shower

(Payne, 1950) 6 falls - White ground stippled violet. Occasionally reblooms for us.

W. Arlie Payne is regarded by most as the father of Japanese Irises in the United States. Many of the irises he hybridized in the 40s, 50s, and 60s are still in commerce today. We grow many of them, but Confetti Shower is my favorite. It has won international acclaim and compares favorably to irises introduced 60 years later.

JI Exuberent Chantey

Japanese iris (McEwen, 1989) (37") 6 falls - Dark blue violet self. A good rebloomer for us!

JI Midnight Fireworks

(Aitken, 2014) (52") 6 falls - Big, rich deep red purple self that seems to bloom forever for us. Blooms late and never really stops until we get excessive heat or the first frost of fall.

JI Ol' Man River

McEwen, 1987) (36") 6 falls - Red violet with light white splashing. Lots of flowers and the occasional rebloom for us!

JI Red Repeater

(Aitken, 2010) (36") 3 falls - Red violet with white halo and rays. Consistent rebloomer for us.

JI Worley Pink

(Worley, 1966)  (40") 6 falls - Old mauvy pink that will rebloom occssionally for us. Payne Award winner!

MTB Alani
MTB Alani

(Booth, 2012) (20") Bright apricot with a reddish flush on falls. Tends to rebloom for us.

MTB Pretty Pony

(Witt, 2012) (23") White ground heavily dotted violet blue. Good rebloom.

SDB Autumn Surge

(Aitken, 2005) (12") White with a blue beard. Excellent rebloom!

SDB Fairy Fireworks

(Aitken, 2014) (12") White stitched purple. Excellent rebloom. In fact, it doesn't really stop blooming for 2 month or longer. We call it a "continuous bloomer".

SDB Perpetual Indulgence

(Aitken, 2005) (16") Cream standards and orange falls. Great rebloomer!

Sorry! Check back early next spring as this one is a hot seller.

SIB Emily Anne

(Hollingworth, 1999) (Tet, 33")  Medium blue standards. Creamy falls heavily stippled blue toward the edges. An excellent rebloomer here.

SIB Encore Performance

(Hollingworth, 2010) (37") Red violet with a diffused blue blaze. Excellent rebloomer for us.

SIB Gone Plummin'

(Shafer/Sacks, 2011) (33") Amethyst purple. Lighter at the edges. A fun colored iris that reblooms for us!

SIB Joyce Cole

(Cole, 2008) (Tet, 30") Creamy white with subtle green veins.The best foliage in the Siberian world. Love it!

SIB Magnum Bordeaux

(Bauer/Coble, 2000) (32") Dark burgundy with a blue halo and veins. Reblooms for us!

SIB My First Kiss

(Cole, 2005) (Tet, 34") This iris truly has it all. Stunning red violet with a blue blaze. Excellent foliage. A good bud count. It even reblooms occassionally for us! This should be in every garden.

SIB Summer Revels

(Shafer/Sacks, 1999) (28") Bright yellow with subtle green veins. Reblooms for us!

TB Again And Again

(Innerest, 1999) (36") Subtle yellow. Our most consistent rebloomer. Very fragrant.

TB Augustine

(Schick, 2004) (36") Salmon pink. Good rebloom in our garden.

TB Cornhusker

(Stanek, 2000) (37") Bright yellow. An excellent rebloomer.

TB Peggy Sue

(Lauer, 2006) (34") Medium pink. A great rebloomer.

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‘I’ve have ordered a large number of iris over the past couple years from Cascadia. Patrick and Margaret have been stellar to work with. I’m very picky and they have been able to accommodate my requests and also keep me very well educated on iris culture. All of their iris I ordered were healthy and strong—every one came back the next year. The pictures of their iris are very accurate as well—no weird color treating. I will continue to work with CIG in the future! Thank you Patrick and Margaret!’

Jeremy M. Overland Park, KS

"I have purchased Japanese Iris from Cascadia Iris Gardens for the past 3 years. I have always received very healthy iris, whether I purchased them spring or fall. I have never been disappointed. That is why I always come back. I am looking forward to seeing their 2018 selection."

Linda M. Monroe, CT

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