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Sino-Sib Raven's Claw

Sino-Sib Raven's Claw

(Spence, 2021)   24" from Carla Lankow seed

Raven's Claw is named for its jet black style arms, which are sometimes called claws. It is a bold combination of red violet with raven black fall spots and claws. Though fairly short as Sino-Sibs go, it makes up for it with bloom season. Raven's Claw is what we call a continuous bloomer. Its normal flush of bloom in June lasts 2-3 weeks, but it continues to push bloom stalks for another 2-3 weeks. Each stalk has 1 branch and 3 buds so it is never overcrowded.

Please see our Growing Instructions for Sino-Siberian irises to see if this iris is a good fit for your garden.


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